Supplier accepts payments for the ordered goods through major Credit Cards such as Mastercard and Visa.

Supplier also accepts payments through bank transfer, as a last option in which all other method has failed. As per payments through bank transfer, the order shall be executed only upon receipt of proof of payment and manual verification by our staff has been done. As with all manual work, this will implies additional working days to your order. 

Credit card data is managed directly by our Third Party Payment Gateway specialized in online payments. 

Personal data is protected by means of next-generation encryption systems that prevent unauthorized use of such data by third parties, and is forwarded directly to the bank.

Supplier reserves the right to request authorization from the credit cart issuing bank to verify ownership and authenticity of the credit card in case problems are encountered. Under the right circumstances, refunds will be made to Buyer by transfer of credit card payment, within 30 days from the date on which Supplier became aware of the causes that gave Buyer the right to claim a refund.