Brutto ma Buono is the traditional Italian name for this treat. A timeless classic in Piedmont tradition, owing its taste to its texture and simple ingredients. Two excellent raw materials: cocoa and hazelnuts, that are today processed entirely by hand with care and passion just as it was done in the past. A constellation of Piedmont hazelnuts meets a layer of pure milk or dark chocolate, creating a work of art for all to try. It’s impossible to resist!

Brutto&Buono Milk Chocolate

Traditional milk chocolate slab with whole Piedmont hazelnuts.

Brutto&Buono Dark Chocolate

Traditional dark chocolate slab with whole Piedmont hazelnuts.

Brutto&Buono White Chocolate

Traditional white chocolate slab with whole Piedmont hazelnuts

Brutto&Buono Coffee-Nougatine

Milk chocolate handmade with roasted coffee bean paste, caramelized hazelnuts and South American cocoa beans.