The Iconic


An intense encounter between hazelnut and chocolate

Celebrated all over the world, with cult status in Italy, it has the typical shape of an upside-down boat and an intense aroma of toasted hazelnuts. The Venchi Giandujotto 1878 is the epitome of Piedmontese tradition, remaining faithful to its original recipe and owing its extraordinary taste to 32% Piedmont Hazelnuts.


A burst of flavour in every layer!

A perfectly square shape, with three layers of different types of chocolate. The Venchi Cremino expresses its heritage in full, together with creative innovation in perfect Italian style. The traditional recipe from 1878 is available in extra-dark, pistachio or Venezuelan chocolate versions.


Delicious little granules of cocoa with a powerful and sophisticated taste.

A crisp Cuor di Cacao shell coated with Chocaviar 75% granules encases the softness of the cocoa centre. Whether 75% Cuor di Cacao, Crème Brûlée, Crème Cacao and Crème Pistachio, every flavour has a centre with a different consistency.


Nougatine and the dream of new worlds.

With a recipe that has not changed since 1905, chopped and caramelised Piedmont Hazelnuts are wrapped in a layer of pure dark chocolate. The renowned Italian novelist Salgari loved to savour Nougatine while recounting his mysterious adventures at literary gatherings in Turin.


A highly original interpretation of recipes from Italy's heritage.

The most famous Italian dessert in the world is transformed into a three-layer praline. Venchi Tiramisù is now also available in a dark chocolate version!
Cappuccino and Espresso, from coffee cup to chocolate: a journey through Italian flavours in a single bite.
Cappuccino, Coffee and Tiramisù: a taste of Italy and LA VITA DOLCE!