Venchi For The Enviroment

At Venchi, we take the utmost care for the environment. In particular, we would like you to know that:

- water resource management is intended to save money on consumption by using closed-circuit cooling systems, flow regulators, rainwater recovery and collection within the industrial plant;

- as part of our diversification of energy sources and in order to meet its growing needs efficiently addition to an already active photovoltaic system, we have equipped ourselves with a co-generation plant using an endothermic natural gas turbine. In addition, a cold-water production system has recently been developed, using absorption technology associated with the co-generation plant;

- all these new investments, right from the start of their design, pay particular attention to energy saving. In this respect, we have launched a project to analyse and improve the energy consumption of our cooling systems with a view to substitute our more outdated machinery with new, highly energy efficient replacements.

With the help of this investment, 2020 will see energy savings of 50% compared to the values of total electricity purchased.

At Venchi, we think sustainability is extremely important. We’re in an ongoing process of replacing all of our “single-use” materials with biodegradable and naturally compostable bioplastics.

Thanks to recent innovative developments, all materials in Food & Beverage Retail previously made in plastic and other non-biodegradable materials are today in the process of being substituted with 100% compostable alternatives including bagasse, PLA, FSC Paper and Mater-Bi.

In every store, napkins, plates, cups, gelato cups, take-away containers, straws, spoons, etc. will be completely compostable! All products will be suitable for food contact, made according to standard ENI EN 13432.

Furthermore, thanks to careful research and considerable investment, we’re working on our packaging and the packaging materials of our production facility, looking for innovative packaging alternatives on the market today.