At their launch in 2007, the Venchi gelato and Cioccogelateria shops set themselves a real challenge: to celebrate the beauty of chocolate in all its shapes and sizes, while interpreting its deliciousness in full – as pralines, chocolates, chocolate spread, hot chocolate and last but certainly not least gelato. Our ice-cream makers create unique gelato every day, selecting natural, simple ingredients such as fresh milk, fruit, Piedmont Hazelnuts and, of course... our exquisite chocolate!


Venchi gelato evokes and celebrates the genuine and convivial nature of one of the quintessential Italian products, adored worldwide. Exquisite, selected raw materials such as our single-origin chocolate (from Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru), Piedmont Hazelnuts and Green Pistachio from Bronte give our gelato its distinctive flavour profile. The gelato's authentic flavour and colour reflect its natural ingredients. Our Pistachio flavour, for example, is pale green, exactly the same as the Green Pistachio from Bronte used to make it. It contains no artificial colourants, flavours, thickeners or palm oil, meaning its goodness is entirely natural!


Our gelato makers produce fresh gelato each and every day on our own premises, in full accordance with Italian tradition. Straightforward and genuine, Venchi gelato is produced solely from selected ingredients such as fresh, high quality milk, Piedmont Hazelnuts and Green Pistachio from Bronte.

OUR “ALLEGRIA” RECIPES, the beauty of chocolate in a perfect Italian style

With more than 90 recipes, Venchi gelato is your daily sweet treat. Our recipes are a celebration of renowned Italian tradition and classic Venchi flavours, such as Nougatine, Cremino and Cuor di Cacao dark chocolate, Giandujotto, Green Pistachio from Bronte and milk-chocolate Nocciolato. What's more, every year we introduce original new recipes to give you even more amazing flavour experiences. And every day in our shops, we give you the chance to enjoy your own little moment of personalised happiness! How exactly? By enriching our gelato cones and tubs with a creamy base of Suprema chocolate spread and intensifying the taste of the gelato with the crunchiness of our seasonal sprinkles (granules of Piedmont Hazelnuts, Nougatine, Chocaviar, Raspberry, Cocco Rapé)